This in-depth training includes a 4-hour step-by-step walkthrough of a full case in Family Law Software from the very first document to the very last! Every step, every possible pitfall, from the first keystroke to the final work product, this workshop will cover it all!

You will learn the following:

- Practical skills and knowledge that will enable you to effectively utilize Family Law Software for complex cases.

- Proficiency in analyzing and inputting financial data for accurate calculations.

- Navigate the software, access different tools, and utilize its various functionalities effectively.

  • Rental Real Estate

  • Small Business

  • 529 Plans

  • Refinance of a Home

  • New Home Purchases

  • Pensions

  • Full Cash Flow and Net Worth Projections

  • Child Expenses

  • Unusual income like bonuses, commissions, and RSUs

Continuing Education (CE) Credit with the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA®)

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    • 2023 Family Law Software Bootcamp

    • Handout: Avoiding Errors in Family Law Software

    • Case Study Practice

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